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The XIIIth All-Russian Scientific Conference

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Voronezh, <BR>
October 2010



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General information about Voronezh State University

The foundation of Voronezh University is closely related to the history of Yuriev (Derpt or Dorpat) University, established in 1802 in the city of Derpt (modern name: Tartu, Estonia). In 1918 historical university was relocated to the City of Voronezh, which welcomed 39 professors form Derpt, who were accompanied by 45 faculty and 43 staff members, as well 800 students.

The University can be proud of its 100,000 graduates who work in 126 countries around the world.

The image of the University is represented by academician P.A. Cherenkov who was the 1958 Nobel Prize winner (in physics), 6 academicians and 6 corresponding members of the USSR and Russian Academies of Sciences and many other prominent figures.

VSU today:
- 22 000 students, 648 post-graduate students, about 800 international students.
- More than 1500 teachers, including 73 academicians and corresponding members of Russian and Foreign academies, 276 professors, 843 assistant professors.
- University incorporates 17 faculties, 128 departments, 5 research institutes, 10 university buildings, 8 hostels, 8 museums, publishing Centre, Scientfic Library (possessing 3 million items), etc.
- VSU scientific research is carried out in 28 main scientific fields. There are 76 domains for post-graduate and 7 academic domains for post-doctoral research.

VSU is an active member of international academic exchange programs.

Since 2002 VSU has been a member of the European University Association. 14 thousand international students from 126 countries have undergone various forms of education. VSU has developed scientific and pedagogical cooperation with 64 foreign universities and scientific centres.

Our address:
Russia, Voronezh,
University sq., 1
Phone: +7 (4732) 208-909
Fax: +7 (4732) 208-755

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